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Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU®) Designation 

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Our CPCU® Video Course Series is tailor-made for professionals eager to truly absorb the material rather than just aiming to pass a test. Instead of rote memorization, this course focuses on helping students recognize and comprehend key concepts.

By linking new ideas to existing knowledge, learners are empowered to not only tackle test questions but also grasp how the information relates to their industry roles. Our course is thoughtfully crafted to cater to various learning styles – visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners will all appreciate the engaging slides, images, and instructions. Following an objective discussion, we delve into practice questions to demonstrate real-world application and highlight common pitfalls in selecting the correct answer.

With a background in mathematics and experience as an instructor, the math components of the course are not simply explained but meticulously practiced step by step. Throughout the course, students encounter numerous practice problems that are thoroughly explained, worked through collaboratively, and then tackled independently using questions sourced directly from the Institutes.

​Additionally, our courses offer an instructor assist feature, allowing students to reach out to a live instructor via text, email, or scheduled calls for extra support when needed. Many students have taken advantage of this option and have found that having an instructor guide them to the correct answer or simply talking through a problem has significantly enhanced their understanding and retention of the material.

The CPCU® video course series is intended to help students study for the exam as part of an eight week study plan. Course material includes a webinar recording, slidedeck, and any other supporting material for each class session.

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  • CPCU® 540 - Contributing to Insurer Financial Performance

The course fee is $99 for ARM™ 400 series courses, which includes access to webinar recordings and course material (this does not include the textbook for the course). For more information on sponsoring this training for your organization, contact Erike at erikeyoung@armstudygroup.com.

To order your textbook, please visit The Institutes website at https://www.theinstitutes.org/program/associate-risk-management-arm#courses.

ARM(™) and CPCU ® are trademarks of the American Institute For Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters, d/b/a The Institutes.

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