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Our video course has been developed with you in mind.  A structure to complete all the learning in bite size pieces over 8 weeks.  Each assignment includes a video lesson with a supporting slidedeck.  Average study time is 5 hours per week....and material is available 24/7 to fit any schedule. 

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Proven Outcomes

I wanted to give you a testimonial on all your helpful materials for the ARM. I couldn’t be more grateful for all the help. I couldn’t imagine having to study through an entire textbook- and even if I did I wouldn’t have been able to absorb as much information. The slides covered everything that was on the test!  I wouldn’t choose any better way to prepare for the test. Again, thank you for your help and assistance in this journey of mine. Wouldn’t have been able to be successful if it wasn’t for your materials.

Lilly M.

I achieved the ARM in 5 weeks–only using your website (new.armstudygroup.com) as study source. A couple months after I figured I'd set my crosshairs on the ERM-57. I reviewed your ERM 57 program over seven days and passed the test. Your program is concise, to the point, and invaluable.

Jesse V. CSP, ARM-E


CPCU 540

Our CPCU 540 course is tailor-made for professionals eager to truly absorb the material rather than just aiming to pass a test. Instead of rote memorization, this course focuses on helping students recognize and comprehend key concepts. By linking new ideas to existing knowledge, learners are empowered to not only tackle test questions but also grasp how the information relates to their industry roles. 


ARM™ Courses

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Risk in an Evolving World        

ARM™ 400

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Holistically Assessing Risk

ARM™ 401

Successfully Treating Risk

ARM™ 402

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